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About Us

The Williamsford Pie Company was established in 2007 by Mary Jo Beirnes and her husband, Mike Jamont. Wanting to create a space for the community where they could gather for coffee and dessert, Mary Jo decided to open and specialize in pies. Mary Jo sold the bakery to Laura Snider in 2009.


Kim and Sam purchased the Williamsford Pie Company from Laura in October, 2016. Kim had always dreamed of owning a small country bakery for her and Sam to retire to, and retired from a 22-year career in social work in 2016 to make this dream come true. While Sam grew up in the restaurant business and still owns restaurants in the city, he splits his time between them and helping Kim at the bakery. 

The Williamsford Pie Company is a destination spot for locals and visitors alike. It’s cozy country atmosphere, homemade treats, pies, cakes, breads, soups, sandwiches, pizzas and more, create a warm, comfortable dine-in, or easy take-out experience for all.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide the highest quality bakery / café food items prepared from scratch, with home-made based ingredients and care. We strive to provide the type of items expected from a “country bakery”, which are home style, comfort foods, while offering additional items that provide a more urban and cultural flare. Quality, freshness, and customer satisfaction are essential and vital keys to all we do.


Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond the motto of “the customer is always right”. For us, “the customer is always special and always receives special treatment”. Extraordinary customer service is our philosophy, our mission is that each and every customer leaves our establishment feeling special, catered to, and distinct. 

Our Community - A BIG THANK YOU


Kim and Sam believe strongly in community and are grateful and humbled by the the support the local community has shown them! Buying local is also very important them both, and they proudly support many local farmers, artisans and crafters. They use in-season local fruits and vegetables, as well as use local meats, honey, maple syrup, and local coffee & tea companies. All non-seasonal fruits and vegetables are all Canadian & North American produce. 


Kim and Sam also proudly donate to several local community programs and initiatives, including the Williamsford Community Centre, The Williamsford Curling Team, The Chatsworth Bognor Youth Soccer Club, the Alzheimer’s Society, Owen Sound, and other community organizations and initiatives.


The Williamsford Pie Company hosts three events each year to help bring the community together and give back to the community for their outstanding support.  Please see our Events page for more details.

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The Williamsford Pie Company is located in a historic building that is steeped in history. Built in 1904, this building stands strong as ever. From its tree trunk supporting beams, to its stone foundation and walls, this building has housed only a handful of residents since it was built.  Most notably are the Elliots, who took over the building in 1922, and three generations later, sold in 2007. It then became the Williamsford Pie Company. Kim & Sam are the proud owners (2016), and they take every opportunity they can get to talk about the building’s rich history. Ask for a tour, they will gladly show you around! (As long as they are not too busy with customers that is!)

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